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Friday, January 23, 2015


Relationship between two stranger when it develops feeling is called love.

When you love someone-you choose to do things for that someone without return.

When you start thinking about return-you are at the verge of a break up

When two stranger meets-it's two different character and attitude.

You don't expect one to change, but compromising is the key to a good relationship.

The guy don't want another mother and the girl don't want another father.

If strangers plan to get together, compromising is important.

As much as he does something for you, you do someone for him too.

As much as she does something for you, you do something for her too.

Your mother/maid, would have washed-fold-iron your cloths, cook and wash your plates before you know this stranger-so don't expect this stranger to be your mother/maid.

This stranger that you have grown fond of may wish to help you out with the house chores, but remember as much as the stranger may want to help, you must not demand.

Give and take.

You wash, she hangs, you fold the cloths, she irons. Compromise - give and take.

She cooks, you wash, she wipes, you throw. Compromise - give and take.

This new person in your life is not your maid. This new person was also like you- grew up with mother/maid. You may not want your kids to grow up thinking their other half will be their new maid. 

Treat this new fond person the way you want to be treated. 

You don't want to clean-the other person do not want to clean either. 

Compromise-give and take.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 2015

The very 2nd year I celebrate my 12am countdown without my family..

I remember 2014 I drove down all the way from Malaysia to Singapore... Speeding in the dark just to be here by 12am to be with bf... 

This year I didn't need to rush.. More relaxing.. Just me and him.. Change into comfortable cloths.. Hand in hand we had lunch.. Slept after that n went for dinner... 

Dinner which cost us less than $10.. 
He had 4 bottle of Heineken and I had my hot milo, snake water and soya to end my 2014..

Took a stroll at the car park where ppl were having some sort of concert n walked back home... 

Not getting cramped in the club, not 
having to think about takin taxi back at 4 in the morning.. 

Slept at 1am... Got up at 10am..

It's just another day in another year..

Wishing everyone a blessed new year.. 
May 2015 be a better year for everyone..

Am already looking forward to 2016 new year countdown.. =)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jerk for 23hour 58minute

You know he is not the one you are going to say 'yes' to.

You still stick around hoping that he will change-tolerance you said-things he can accommodate to a better relationship you said.

You do all your best for him because you love him.

Despite the threats, anger shown to you, you still do what you can.

You come home to a jerk.

He seems the perfect guy when he kisses you awake in the morning, but still a jerk before that.

He is a total jerk but you still stick around.

Either it is real love, or you had no choice.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Claypot Chicken Rice from Malaysia Boleh

When you are left alone, Don't be afraid. 

Explore the world by yourself. 

Today I took a 1 hour 20 mnt bus ride to Jurong Point to try out the food in 'Malaysia Boleh' food court.. 

Had the claypot chicken rice and Penang chendol. 

Still craving for my keropok lekor.. Miss it so much.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One day - when you decide to blame your mistake on others THINK because no one forced you to do the mistake.

When you think that you downfall in life is going to be because of another person THINK because you have a choice.

When you think that you downfall was because of another person THINK what did you do then, to fall.

When you think you are going to blame others THINK.!!! THINK..!!! &THINK..!!!

You have the choice.

You had the choice.


Don't learn the blame game because you wouldn't like the same game when it is played on YOU.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


What do you do to make urself happy?

Eating makes me happy.

This squeezed idli with rasam made me happy today.

Try it and tell me if you liked it too..

People actually find me weird because I practically have all my Indian food with rasam (Indian soup).

I love it like that.

Enjoy your food the way you like.

Even if you were to lick your fingers in public. Do it. Enjoy it the way you like.

I remember once where there were still rasam on my leaf and I didn't want to waste it. I took my straw n siped it.. 


Will life be better?

Today I got up freaking early and left the house early.

All I see are sleepy faces. I'm one of them.

The train is freaking hot and I'm like 'nose leaking' after I sneeze. Damn

I hate to be in such situation.

I've got meeting with 2 clients today. Hopefully all goes well.

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