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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dumpling in the month of August

I don't remember when was the real date already.
When I was craving for it, I didn't get the chance to eat.
I'm far away from home.
No longer going home everyday.

While I was walking in the shopping mall (nex serangoon), I saw this shop selling it. 
I totally lost control. 
The only thought on my head was 'I wanna eat dumpling. Got egg yolk, I'll take it out. Got beans, I'll take that out too'
All I wanted was the rice, the mushroom and the pork.

*Now that I'm writing this, I wanna eat it again.*

I bought it for s$3.

I find it expensive, cz all this while I had my aunt custom made my dumpling every year and it's free. Never needed to buy.

I brought back home, had my dinner and was kinda full. Didn't want to force myself with the dumpling so I opened the wrapping and put it into a container so that I could keep it in the fridge and have it for breakfast the next morning.

I got up the next mornig and I heated the dumpling.

To my surprise, hen I opened up the center of the dumpling IT WAS JUST THE WAY I LIKE.!!!!


Worth it.. 

My saliva was forming..

I immediately gulp my dumpling down my throat.


I wish I had my own place to do my own dumpling..

Save up all my money to get a good hse and renovate my kitchen just the way I like...

My ugly looking dumpling after opening the center portion. No yolk No bean.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Relationship #4

Today I asked ' where are you going'

Without thinking about how I will feel, you said 'it's none of your business' with a high pitch, high tone.

It hurt me. 

I was left without an answer and a hurtful heart.

It hurt me so much that I would tear.

But I told myself, it's okay. 

It's all about forgive and forget.

I told myself, let it be.

It's all about giving in.

I went to bed with a sad feeling hoping that tomorrow never comes.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Follow your heart

When you feel like doing something - DO IT!

When you feel like buying - Buy it

When you feel like eating - Eat it

When you feel like it..-Don't stop

Because you might miss that chance.

You might be disappointed.

Don't stop following your instinct.

Don't regret

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Relationship #3

You keep saying how much you love me.

You keep saying how important I am to you.

You keep saying that you want me to be happy.

But all your actions are against your words.

You know what makes me happy, but you refuse to follow.

You refuse to understand.

You know it's important to me.

But you ignore and you still say you love me and you want me to be happy.

All you actions are hurting me.

Do I love you?

I asked myself again and again.

Yes I do.


Your actions hurts me again and again.

I'm sad that you don't think like me.

Yes, you are you but if you really love me, do things that makes me happy.

Don't say you love me when you do not understand my needs and what makes me happy.

Don't say you want to make me happy when you do all the things against my wants.

I don't get to decide.

So you wil have to change.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Relationship #2

You know my habit.

You know what I'm like.

You know what I can and what I can't.

But you choose to ignore me.

You said I've invaded your peace, your privacy.

If you can't give in now, then how can you give in later?

If you can't give in now, why do you talk about future?

If you can't give in now, what's the direction of this relationship?

What will the future be like?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Relationship #1

 I was geting ready to bed.
You had your back facing me.

We had a small argument and we decided to ignore each other.

I didn't want to go to sleep with a heavy heart, I decided to talk about it.

We were joking and teasing each other about the fight earlier. All of a sudden you elbowed me and it hurt terribly that I cried. 

You just turned your back away from me and I cried under my blanket.

No sorry was uttered.

You were not sorry.

I stopped crying. 

It took you more than 10 minutes to say sorry.

You said I framed you.

How did I frame you? Was the elbow done on purpose?

Did I hold your elbow and hit me?

I know it was an accident.

I know It hurts, but you turned your back as it if was my fault that you elbowed me.

How do I understand you better?

How do I understand this relationship better?

How do I?

My cravings

Now that I'm far away from home, I'm missing all the people (especially my omma), the food (MIL's sardine sambal and rasam).

I miss the freedom I once had (the car).

I miss the times I can just call my omma n tell her I want to eat this and that and all she will say is 'you take me I sure go'.

When I go back in July I'm going to whack all the food to satisfy my cravings. 

1. Omma's Maggi goreng
2. MIL's sardine sambal and rasam 
3. Steamboat with family at hometown
3. Homemade steamboat with MIL &SIL
4. Kin2 chilly pan mee
5. Chicken wings
6. Oh my I can't think now.. Oh yeah, KEROPOK LEKOR
7. What else?? I think enough lar. Not enough time to eat all also.

I can't wait to go home.

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