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Sunday, October 11, 2015


Do I have high expectation on anything?
I guess not.
All I want are normal stuffs.
I want normal feelings..
Normal day to day life..

Just the very basic that will make me feel good.
But guess that's not what I'm getting.

Now sure if I'm forcing it..
I guess I'm not..
Maybe I just don't understand the way other ppl do. 
That sucks.

I'm trying to give up on expecting..
But I can't.

So where do I end??
Or where do I start??

It hurts feeling such.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


I'm on a salad frenzy..

Everything that comes in the form of salad and some meat.. IM HAPPY

It all started with ichiban boshi's salmon and tuna salad with Japanese sesame sauce.. HEAVEN

Then this from a Mexican restaurant at dhoby ghaut - SG.. Prawn was awesome.. Love it 

This is my home made salad.. Vegetable, tomato and kanikama-crab leg with Japanese sesame sauce.. I had 3 serving in 3 days.. So once a day.. 

I think why I am addicted is because of the Japanese sesame sauce.. It's so delicious and GOOD.. How to resist??

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Korean Meals

You know you are a Korean food addict when all you want is BBQ-Ing the pork meat.. Dipping into their Korean chilly sauce and the saseme oil with pepper and salt and wrapping it in the big long wide leaf with some kimchi and raddish and dipping it into the chilly sauce again....

IM HUNGRY as I type out this post.

Having ala-cart Korean food is EXPENSIVE.. So what I do now is find for buffet Korean BBQ and eat all I can.. 

Pork and pork and pork.. Trust me I love pork so much.. So much that I gain weight EVERYTIME I eat them..

This was at Ssikkek - Laman Rimbunan, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I paid RM39.90 per person. 

5 person went, we had many rounds of pork & squid.. It was some kind of satisfaction when you don't need to look at the price on the menu and keep refilling your pork.. ��

The only setback at this place is, there is no proper ventilation and I was practically tearing EVERYTIME the spicy squid was on the BBQ stove.. 

Tried my level best to use the tissues as little as I can.. Despite how I teared, the squid was delicious whenever it entered my salivating mouth.. Check-out my insta to see the squid tentacles moving when we were BBQ-ing it. I was so amused..

Yeah, I get amused at every little thing.

The glass noodle and kimchi pancake was nice.. They don't have much variety for cooked food.

Don't expect to have variety..

At the end of the day I was a satisfied little pig.. ��

Oh yeah, most important was there were no time limit.. Eat all you can all the time.. 

Do find them on Facebook.. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Born a Scorpion

I'm a scorpion and I think I do live by the characteristic of a scorpion..a very strong scorpion...

Stay in your territory without getting into mine is the best way.
Stay in your path without crossing mine is the best way.

Faithful? OF CZ unless you break my trust first.
I'm trustworthy? EXTREMELY.. Secrets with me are safe unless you are hurting another party but I'll still keep your secret but give indication to the other person ��.
I'm a good person? YES, till you hurt me.
Forgiving? YES. No second time
Forgetting? NEVER. It stays in my memory forever.
I'm jealous? EXTREMELY.!! So don't even put your foot near my relationship or I'll burn you in and out.

All in all, you don't hurt me I don't hurt you.
So get on you way and stay far from me.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Giving in

When you love someone, you give in..
No matter if that person makes you or himself looks stupid.. It's okay. Because you love that person.

Giving in doesn't make you a loser. 
It makes you stronger.
You love that person. So you tolerate. 
You give in. 
You accept the person as how they are.
You don't change them.
How stupid they look...
You still love them...

Friday, January 23, 2015


Relationship between two stranger when it develops feeling is called love.

When you love someone-you choose to do things for that someone without return.

When you start thinking about return-you are at the verge of a break up

When two stranger meets-it's two different character and attitude.

You don't expect one to change, but compromising is the key to a good relationship.

The guy don't want another mother and the girl don't want another father.

If strangers plan to get together, compromising is important.

As much as he does something for you, you do someone for him too.

As much as she does something for you, you do something for her too.

Your mother/maid, would have washed-fold-iron your cloths, cook and wash your plates before you know this stranger-so don't expect this stranger to be your mother/maid.

This stranger that you have grown fond of may wish to help you out with the house chores, but remember as much as the stranger may want to help, you must not demand.

Give and take.

You wash, she hangs, you fold the cloths, she irons. Compromise - give and take.

She cooks, you wash, she wipes, you throw. Compromise - give and take.

This new person in your life is not your maid. This new person was also like you- grew up with mother/maid. You may not want your kids to grow up thinking their other half will be their new maid. 

Treat this new fond person the way you want to be treated. 

You don't want to clean-the other person do not want to clean either. 

Compromise-give and take.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My 2015

The very 2nd year I celebrate my 12am countdown without my family..

I remember 2014 I drove down all the way from Malaysia to Singapore... Speeding in the dark just to be here by 12am to be with bf... 

This year I didn't need to rush.. More relaxing.. Just me and him.. Change into comfortable cloths.. Hand in hand we had lunch.. Slept after that n went for dinner... 

Dinner which cost us less than $10.. 
He had 4 bottle of Heineken and I had my hot milo, snake water and soya to end my 2014..

Took a stroll at the car park where ppl were having some sort of concert n walked back home... 

Not getting cramped in the club, not 
having to think about takin taxi back at 4 in the morning.. 

Slept at 1am... Got up at 10am..

It's just another day in another year..

Wishing everyone a blessed new year.. 
May 2015 be a better year for everyone..

Am already looking forward to 2016 new year countdown.. =)

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